Britain: New strategy against harassment and violence against women

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Today presents its plans to better address street harassment and violence against women. British Government, as part of a new strategy for which the first information left the industry organizations “very disappointed”.

In particular, according to the Athenian Macedonian News Agency, the government’s new strategy – designed after a consultation that gathered 180,000 testimonies – mainly envisages the creation of a new national police directorate that will guarantee better management and improve response times to such .

“The safety of women and girls across the country, wherever they are, is a top priority for me,” Home Secretary Priti Patel told The Times, saying it was “unacceptable that they continue to be victims of harassment, abuse and violence.” ».

In mid-June, the government was forced to apologize for “disappointing” for years “thousands” of rape victims, in light of evidence from prosecutors that showed a significant reduction in the number of convictions for sexual assailants and rapists, despite allegations of rape in Adult weight has almost doubled since 2015-16.

The announcement came after the murder of London police officer Sarah Everard, who was attacked in the middle of the street while returning home, in an incident that shocked the United Kingdom and rekindled the debate on the safety of women in public. .


The government also plans to set up a 24-hour sex crime helpline, as well as criminalize chastity tests, a practice deemed “medieval”.

In statements to the Times, Pretty Patel hinted that street harassment, such as whistling at a woman, could ultimately be a specific offense but that the government is working for the time being mainly to “put into practice” the existing laws.

“But we will continue to look at the gaps in the law and how the crime of sexual harassment could correct them,” she added.

It was this last point that particularly disappointed Rose Caldwell, director of Plan International UK. “Without a new law, thousands of women will be left without protection,” she said.

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