Britain: Parents catch 39-year-old teacher who sexually harassed students online

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A math teacher at Britain, who allegedly had lewd online chats with “14-year-old schoolgirl”was arrested for sexual harassment of his students via the internet. The minor he was talking to was not actually a student but “online pedophile hunters” who trapped him.

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This group, which took him law in her hands, made an appointment for him at a hotel. When they found him at the scene, broadcasting live on social networks the meeting. For his part, the 39-year-old professor claimed that he had appointment with a 33-year-old adult woman. However, on camera, two men and a woman handed him an envelope full of facts which allegedly contains all the evidence that proves his guilt. However, it is worth noting that throughout the dialogue parents and offender neither verbal nor physical violence was used.

Two men and a woman ask him if the sex messages he sent the little girl are his. The perpetrator, bewildered, tries to justify himself, but finally admits his actions, broadcasts the dailymail.

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A patrol car arrived at the scene and after the police were informed by the parents, they passed handcuffs to the 39-year-old professor. The 39-year-old, who is also the father of a child, is detained at the police station, where his interrogation continues. The local authorities have not made public yet evidence of his identity.

The video is 30 minutes long and was broadcast via Facebook Live.

Source: News Beast

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