Britain: The cordon around Boris Johnson tightens – New resignations from officials of his government

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There is no end to it barrage of departures by his government Boris Johnson. The circle around the British Prime Minister is narrowing, while two of his previously close associates have announced that they are saying goodbye to him.

The British Minister responsible for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis, and the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ellen Whately, as reported by the Athens News Agency, announced today, Thursday (7/7), their resignation.

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Already more than 40 ministers, deputy ministers and government officials have announced their resignation since yesterday, Wednesday as backlash continues over the way Boris Johnson managed yet another scandal within his government.

Μπόρις ΤζόνσονΜπόρις ΤζόνσονBoris Johnson

Johnson threw down the gauntlet to the dissenting ministers

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Boris Johnson remains unyielding and raised the bar in the attacks he receives from members of his government, as he challenged ministers who disagree with him to duel for the Conservative leadership.

In particular, the Reuters agency reported that the British prime minister told the members of his cabinet that they have two options: either to focus in the summer on solving the economic issues, or to participate in a “struggle for power”.

“I have been told that the prime minister is adamant and will not resign,” the channel’s political editor, Anouska Astana, said on Twitter.

“My imgs say he has told his cabinet colleagues that they will either focus on economic growth or the chaos of a leadership contest, and the resulting pressure to hold parliamentary elections,” he noted.

Source: News Beast

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