Britain: The Unite union rejected Rolls Royce’s wage proposal

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The Unite union today rejected the latest payroll offer from British aircraft engine maker Rolls Royce, which included a 2. 2,000 grant to much of its British workforce, saying it was falling short of expectations.

“The revised proposal is still far behind the request for a judgment on the cost of living submitted by our members and their expectations,” a Unite spokesman said in an email. “High-ranking Unite representatives are discussing to decide the next steps.”

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Rolls Royce announced earlier that it would donate σε 2,000 to around 70% of its workforce in the UK to help its staff cope with the high cost of living.

The British group said it would give the money to 11,000 production workers as well as 3,000 low-level executives.

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In an email to Reuters, a Rolls Royce spokesman said the company was still offering a 4% pay rise from March to 11,000 manufacturing workers in the UK.


Source: Capital

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