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Britain: The young man who threw eggs at King Charles… was banned from carrying eggs in public

The young man who fired was released on condition eggs to King Charles and his wife Camila, except that one of the restrictions she has is that she is forbidden to carry eggs in public.

THE Patrick Thelwell talk to mirror.co.uk and said that he should stay 500 meters away from the king and not have eggs on him when in public. But later, he added, the condition was modified so that he could at least go to the supermarket.

Yes, regarding the reactions that his act provoked, said the reaction of the crowd was an indication that “they are fascists”. “They were literally screaming,” said the young man, who added that some wanted to see his head on the stick, to kill him on the spot. He states that he is not discouraged by these because “I understand what fascism is, what it looks like.”

Source: News Beast

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