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Britain: Truss lead in succession race – Secures Mordod’s support

Britain: Truss lead in succession race – Secures Mordod’s support

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss, who is seen as the hot favorite to succeed Boris Johnson as the leader of the Conservative Party and as Prime Minister, today secured the support of Penny Mordant, who she narrowly edged out to reach the final round against former finance minister Rishi Sunak.

Undersecretary for Trade Penny Mordant was the latest candidate to be eliminated in the voting process among ruling Conservative Party executives, after securing just eight votes less than Liz Truss in the previous round.

The members of the Conservative Party are now asked to decide which of Tras and Sunak will be their new leader and Prime Minister of Britain.

Emphasizing that she does not wish to be a “weather vane”, Mordant announced: “I’ve seen enough to know that the candidate I’m going to trust is Liz Truss.”

Penny Mordant is another member of the cabinet who supports the Truss nomination, including Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and Finance Minister Nadeem Zahawi.

Rishi Sunak, initially seen as the frontrunner in the race to succeed Boris Johnson, is now reportedly trailing his rival by 24% in opinion polls. In a last-ditch effort to turn the tables on him, he announced a plan to cut income tax by 20% from 2029, touting it as the biggest cut since Margaret Thatcher.

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