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British Airways crew lied about robbery in Rio de Janeiro; understand

Images from the security camera of a bar in Pedra do Sul, the port region of the capital of Rio de Janeiro, recorded Grant Lawrence Wheatley, 40, Samantha Jo Naylor, 39, and Daniel Pickeiring, 31, who are employees of the airline British Airways, gathered for a few hours on the day they reported being robbed twice.

According to the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police, the investigation showed that of the various crimes reported by the trio, only one had occurred: the theft of a cell phone.

According to the delegate investigating the case, Patrícia Alemany, the group spent “an entire night of drug and alcohol consumption”. One of the three commissioners even reported the “good night Cinderella” crime, which was discarded by the investigation.

The British company’s employees will be investigated for falsely reporting a crime. In the coming days, the Civil Police will try to hear those involved in the case.

Through social media, the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Claudio Castro (PL-RJ), congratulated the police officers on the investigation and also contacted the company and the embassy to report “the criminal conduct” of the crew.

“I have already ordered the police to be strict when these smart people enter Brazil. The police will be anxiously awaiting them at the airport. I am informing the embassy and the company about the criminal conduct of these people”, said Castro.

A CNN contacted British Airways and is awaiting a response.

Source: CNN Brasil

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