Major UK retail and commercial bank NatWest has imposed restrictions on its customers who make cryptocurrency payments on exchanges. Earlier, similar measures were introduced by a number of other banks in the country.

NatWest customers will now be limited to payments of £1,000 ($1,218) per day and £5,000 ($6,090) per month, the bank said.

“NatWest is stepping up client protection against crypto-criminals after clients lost £329 million ($400 million) last year,” the bank said in a statement.

NatWest’s new limits apply to both debit card transactions and transfers from customer accounts, a bank spokesman said.

“Criminals use the unpredictability of the cryptocurrency markets for their own purposes. They force investors to transfer money to exchanges that are created by a criminal on behalf of a client or a victim under pressure from a criminal,” the bank said.

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Earlier, British banks Nationwide and HSBC banned their customers from making payments on crypto exchanges using credit cards. The rule will apply to both existing and new cardholders.