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British Ministry of Defense targeted by allegations of sexism and harassment

Her Ministry of Defense Britain accused by some sixty of his senior employees of allowing a “toxic” culture to flourish as well as for harassment of women than their male colleagues, the British newspaper Guardian writes today.

In a letter to their superiors, revealed by the British newspaper, these women state that “their daily work (at the ministry) is hampered by behaviors that would be considered toxic and inappropriate in public life, but are tolerated within the Ministry of Defence». As they note: “We are subjected to derogatory language, we are victims of unwanted attention and sexual harassment, mainly prying eyes, sexual comments and constant comments about our clothes, appearance or scent.”

The Ministry of Defense assured that action was taken “to resolve the deeply troubling issues raised” in this letter, as reported by APE-MPE. “No woman should feel at risk in the (Ministry of) Defense, and such behaviors will not be tolerated,” the ministry added. The FDA union, which represents civil servants, called for an “immediate investigation into these allegations”.

“The descriptions of experiences lived by these women are deeply disturbing. Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect in their workplace,” the union responded on Platform X. According to the women who wrote the letter, the problems they cite are not old, but “current.” They also point out that protests and reports on these issues “are generally downplayed rather than listened to”.

The Ministry of Defense is not the first public body in Britain to face complaints of this kind in recent years. London’s police, fire brigade and parliament have been accused of allowing a sexist mentality as well as acts of moral or sexual harassment against women. In the private sector, the main employers’ union, the CBI, was also rocked in the spring by allegations of sexual assault, including two counts of rape. Its manager was fired and many of its members left.

Source: News Beast

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