British PM fined by police for not wearing seatbelt

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British police fined UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Friday for failing to wear a seat belt while filming a clip for his social media in the back seat of a moving car.

Sunak, who apologized for a “brief error of judgment”, posted the video to Instagram during a trip to northwest England. The video was widely shared by other users, who noticed that he had not fastened his seat belt.

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Local police later said they would investigate the case and confirmed late on Friday that an illegality had occurred.

It is the second penalty that Sunak receives from the police, after, last year, it was discovered that he broke the lockdown rules against Covid-19, with then Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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Sunak becomes the second Prime Minister after Johnson to break the law in this way.

The fine represents an additional distraction for Sunak, whose Conservative Party lags far behind the opposition Labor Party in opinion polls ahead of a scheduled election in January 2025.

Source: CNN Brasil

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