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Britney Spears, 15 million to write a biography

Britney Spears, 15 million to write a biography

Britney Spears has officially started a new chapter in her life. After putting an end to her father’s legal protection last November, the so-called 13-year conservatorship, the pop star has begun to reveal the backstories that have kept her away from the stage for a long time.
She blamed her younger sister Jamie Lynn for not standing by her as she should have (as well as recounting her private facts in her book. Things I should have said). Online wrote that she disappeared from her life for 15 years but is now selling copies by exploiting their legal misadventures. To then add in a post (immediately deleted): «Congratulations on the bestseller … What a nerve you had to sell a book now and smear it by writing horrible lies. How I wish I had a metal detector for lies so that people can see what a liar you are about how much you write about me! I wish the Almighty Lord would come down to earth to show the world that you are lying and making money on me! You’re a scammer, Jamie Lynn. “

Not only that: Britney continued to send social digs to the family, guilty – according to her – of having boycotted her. And from the United States Congress comes the congratulations for this step towards freedom and independence and the star shared the letter with an invitation to the White House on social media.

The next step – as expected – is to write an explosive memoir or, as English speakers like to say, a tell all, that is, statements without restraint or censorship. And who knows that she doesn’t also have a nice biopic inspired by the biography in mind, to the delight of almost 40 million followers who follow her on Instagram.

The publishing agreement to carry out the project foresees a compensation of 15 million dollars with Simon & Schuster, at least according to rumors of Page Six. To make a comparison with other contracts with several zeros, just think that Hard Choices earned Hillary Clinton 14 million while My life of her husband Bill about 15. Bruce Springsteen earned 10 million with Born to run while The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling , Harry Potter’s mother, there are rumors between two and eight million.

In short the 40-year-old star’s prices are literally skyrocketing. And since last January, the singer has been sending social clues to her fans, for example by posting a photo of an old typewriter asking them whether or not she should start from the beginning or not.

Although the publisher has made no statements on the matter, based on content posted by Britney online, the revelations are supposed to be intimate, direct and disconcerting.

Lately the pop star is taking back the reins of her life, rediscovering faith and serenity through healthy practices and positive intentions. You can understand this from the content of her Instagram profile which often includes thoughts and mantras, advice of all kinds, from make-up to motherhood, and romantic shots with her boyfriend Sam Asghari, who she’s been dating since 2016. Mother of two children, Sean and Jayden, had by her second husband Kevin Federline (the first was Jason Allen Alexander, the artist tries to find a new balance, distancing himself from situations and people she considered toxic.

According to estimates by Forbes its assets amount to approximately 60 million, even though most of its assets are frozen in investments of various kinds, leaving it with a liquidity of 3 million. And now that figure is fivefold thanks to the making of the book.

Source: Vanity Fair



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