Britney Spears, dad Jamie back on stage (for pre-marriage deal with Sam Asghari)

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“Don’t worry, we’ll do it an iron contract to protect my Jeep and mine shoe collection, when she will leave me ». Sam Asghari, future husband of Britney Spears, he answers with irony to lots of fans of the pop star who – in view of the wedding – suggested their darling to sign a pre-marital agreement. A piece of advice even from an Oscar-winning actress, Octavia Spencer.

“Britney knows it’s necessary bind its assets (especially real estate) e it is already working in this direction “, reveals a source a People. “The father Jamie, despite having already started the practices for put an end to its conservatorship, still holds legal guardianship and therefore is put into action for find a lawyer specializing in the matter in order to defend the daughter’s assets».

The goal, in a nutshell, is agree now that things are fine, to avoid battles in the future, in case the relationship was wrecked. On the other hand, for the American singer it is the third marriage. The first Yes he pronounced it in 2004, in a chapel of Las Vegas, in front of the friend Jason Alexander: the union lasted 55 ore, canceled because she was judged “unable to understand his actions “.

A few months later she married the dancer Kevin Federline, with whom she had two children Sean (16) e Jayden James (15), but in late 2006 it came the divorce request. Ten years later, on the set of «Slumber Party», met Sam, an Iranian personal trainer and actor, and it was love at first sight: according to the reconstructions, he has always been close to her, supporting her right in the battle against the father.

a personage controversial, Jamie, who for over 13 years has the legal protection of the daughter. “He keeps it hostage», Is the accusation of a good part of the fans, who have even created the movement #FreeBritney. Today, just when Mr. Spears seemed ready to step aside, here is the opportunity for return to the scene to protect assets. Maybe – just this time – the two could play from same part.

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