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Britney Spears regrets repercussions of stories told in autobiography

The repercussion about the autobiography “The Woman In Me“, in fact, has not pleased Britney Spears. Again, on her social networks, the artist criticized the way the media approaches the stories told in the book.

“My book has a lot of sad and dramatic stories… I’m sure some are aware of this, but I know there are many other beautiful and good stories in The Woman in Me, but that’s not what the media decides to capture all the time,” he declared.

Britney even took advantage of the publication on her Instagram account to state that she has changed a lot over the years. “It is what it is… so from now on, know that was me then… that’s in the past and this is me now! For the good things and a little for the unpleasant ones too”, she reported when sharing old clicks.

Timbaland defends Justin Timberlake

Recently, rapper Timbaland came to the defense of singer Justin Timberlake after revelations made by Spears in her book “The Woman in Me” about her relationship with the former ‘N Sync member. In an interview, he suggested that his friend “put a muzzle on her.”

“She went crazy, right? I wanted to call Justin and say ‘man, you should have put a muzzle on that girl.’ But we live in the age of social media and virality. Everyone wants to go viral,” said the producer.

The controversial comment also happened amid the song “Cry me a River” returning to the spotlight. Produced by Timbaland, the singer’s track addresses the musician’s version of breaking up with the artist.

Source: CNN Brasil

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