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Britney Spears, who may no longer perform: “There is still a long way to go”

From the party for a measure coveted for years, to the worry due to some social posts. Britney Spears continues to be talked about: da some day, in fact, the pop star is no longer under the legal protection of the father. This was established, with immediate effect, by the judge Brenda Penny, that removed Jamie Spears from his post blocking the right to conservatorship on the daughter and then closed one battle in court which had been going on since 2008, studded with shock confessions and sensational complaints.

“I think I have lost this decision for Britney’s sake, the current situation had become unsustainable and reflected a toxic environment», The judge announced, making the movement explode with happiness #FreeBritney, recently born just for support the artist in his fight against dad. The joy, however, quickly turned into apprehension: a series appeared on the star’s Instagram profile full nude images, taken during the holiday with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Thus, pending a further hearing set on 12 november decide whether to appoint a new legal guardian or not, Britney throws a social cry of freedom which does not leave you completely calm. “Although in my life there are so many changes and things to celebrate, the road to do is still very long », he wrote in a new post of reassurance, in the margin of the image of a tree. “Luckily I have a good one support system, I am taking time to understand sometimes it is necessaryor slow down and breathe».

A sentence that seems to confirm the indiscretion reported in the last few hours by TMZ, according to which Britney he may not even perform anymore. «In recent years the work has not been its priority»Wrote the American portal, quoting a source. «Returning to the stage is not in his immediate plans“. For now, therefore, space for tender relationship with Sam: «Only through love can I pray and support in turn the others », concluded the singer, who announced the official engagement half September.

On the other hand, as a friend of the couple wrote, “Sam is Britney’s rock. She makes sure she eats well and works out, and she does she leans on him for all”. In short, the fans can stay rest assured. Even if, in the coming months, it will be easier to find therea regina del pop in front of an altar than on a stage.

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