Brooke Shields and daughter Rowan, who wears the dress that made mom famous at the Golden Globes

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Seeing her daughter wearing the red dress that caught photographers’ attention at the 23-year-old Golden Globe ceremony was for the actress. Brooke Shields a reason of great pride, as well as of rare emotion. In a post published on her Instagram profile, the protagonist of Blu Lagoon, 56, chose to share the photo with the Rowan daughter, swaddled in the same dress Mom wore on the red carpet in 1998, for her second nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy for Suddenly Susan, before accompanying her to the prom.

“I thought it was a special night when I was nominated for a Golden Globe and wore this dress in 1998. But nothing could have prepared me to see my daughter wear it to prom. I’m a proud mom, ”wrote Shields, immortalized with Rowan in the parking lot before the prom, her daughter in the iconic Golden Globe strapless red silk dress and her mom in a white blouse, matching pants and a Chanel bag. . Rowan, 18, is the eldest daughter of Shields and her husband Chris Henchy, who was married in 2001. At the time of her candidacy, however, Brooke was linked to tennis legend Andre Agassi, from whom she divorced in 1999.

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In the shot, which immediately went viral, Shields appears to be in excellent health after breaking her femur that forced her to walk on crutches causing her to lose 20% of her weight. Since the injury, the former model, mother, in addition to Rowan, also of the young Grier Hammond, 15, has intensified her physical activity by dedicating herself to grueling workouts with a gymnastic ball at her home in the Hamptons. “At some point someone considers people of my age to be over” he said in an interview with InTouch, explaining that he did everything to ensure that his daughters lived their physicality in a serene way. “We can inspire each other to do something that can make us feel better,” Shields reiterated, and it is clear that pulling the red dress out of the closet was part of this project.

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