Bruce Willis and the disease: “Reduced scripts, earphones and accidents on the set”

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Forgotten jokes, confused thoughts and even a dangerous accident. According to latest rumors ain recent times Bruce Willis had given obvious signs of malaise. Before they were diagnosed aphasiain fact, the American actor had become the protagonist of some episodes during the shoot they had worried the crew and they hinted that there was something that was not right.

According to the documents reported by Los Angeles Timesdirector Mike Burns – who was tasked with directing Willis to one of his later ones action movie, Out of Death – would send a urgent request to screenwriters to reduce the star’s spoken parts Hollywood: «We have to shorten his dialogues so that there are no monologues, fewer pages are needed, ”he would have written in an email from June 2020.

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Underlying this, there may be their own the first signs of the disease by Willis, a neurological disorder which prevents the normal understanding and creation of the verbal language. Hence the need, as the New York Postto use on several occasions “using an earwig», Ie a headset used for suggest jokes. It also seems that in some takes he showed himself visibly confused.

So much so that two years ago, on the set of Hard Kill, the American actor he would have inadvertently fired a pistol loaded with live bullets, not blanks. An error reminiscent of the one that happened last year to Alec Baldwin, but which fortunately had no consequences. “She has health problems, aphasia is affecting her cognitive abilities,” all the women of her large family wrote on her social networks.

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“Consequently, he is moving away from his film career. This is a really busy time and we really appreciate it your affectionThey add from the Willis home. “We are going through everything with a strong family unit and we wanted to engage the fans because we know how much he means to you, as well as you for him. As Bruce always says, live the moment: together we intend to do this ».

With love“.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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