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Bruce Willis, how is he: his wife speaks about the actor’s health conditions

ANDmma Heming, wife of Bruce Willis, has so far been the most discreet to reveal news on the actor’s health conditions, entrusted, from time to time, to his ex-wife Demi Moore, to his three daughters and friends. A union that truly brings strength, in the most difficult moment for everyone, which is seeing Willis fade away day after day due to a serious form of frontotemporal dementia, which arose after another important problem, aphasia.

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Despite the difficulties of the moment, however, Heming is trying not to be discouraged. «I have much more hope today than I did when he received his first diagnosis», the woman revealed to Maria Shriver, ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger and founder of the site Sunday Paper.

The greater peace of mind of Emma Heming, a former model, married to Willis since 2009 and mother of his two youngest daughters, Mabel and Evelyn, is mainly due to knowledge of the disease. «Today I know much more and I am connected to aincredible community that supports me a lot”, the 45-year-old revealed. «I have new hope because I know I found a new one purpose, purpose that, I admit, I never thought I would find, and I want to use this opportunity to help and empower others. When I talk about what my family is going through I know I have the attention of the press. And I also know that there are thousands of stories that go untold and unheard, and which deserve the same pity and concern.” It is also a way to to move on, as Heming reiterated by sharing a post on social media: «Frontotemporal dementia does not offer many options. It can suck all the air out of a room. But I made a choice, take back some power and put oxygen back into our livesfor the sake of our daughters, Bruce and myself.”

Bruce Willis’s health worsens: he no longer recognizes Demi Moore
According to a source, the actor’s memory of his ex-wife has “faded. She understands that you don’t recognize her »

The actor’s condition is not good, as emerged a few weeks ago. «He no longer recognizes Demi Moore», a source revealed to Closer at the beginning of November, while her daughter Tallulah, one of the three she had with Demi (the others are Rumer and Scout LaRue) a Vogue USA he said he got into the habit of taking lots of photos of his father. «I’m like an archaeologist, I look for treasures in things I’ve never paid attention to. I saved all of her voicemails on a hard drive. I realize that I’m trying to document myself, of build an archive for the day when he will no longer be here to remember him and us.” An increasingly labile presence that of Willis, also reiterated by his lifelong friend Glenn Gordon Caron: «It’s as if he were looking at life through a screen door», the revelation to The PostTuesday. “I feel like he understands who I am for the first three minutes. He is losing the ability to communicate; he was a voracious reader (he wanted no one to know) and now he doesn’t read anymore. All those language skills are no longer available to him, yet he is still Bruce. When you’re with him you know it’s Bruce and you’re grateful he’s still there, but the joy of living is gone».

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Bruce Willis gets worse, friend Glenn Gordon Caron: «He is losing the ability to speak»
The actor no longer has “the joy of living”, revealed his friend, underlining how this is the “most shocking thing about the disease, because he has always lived intensely”, seizing every moment. The actor suffers from frontotemporal dementia, diagnosed in early 2023

Source: Vanity Fair

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