Bruce Willis, the lawyer declares: “He continued to work because he could”

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Bruce Willis moved the world with the diagnosis of aphasia, a speech disorder that impaired some skills even on set. For this the 67-year-old star announced your own retreatbut something could change.

His attorney Martin Singer told the Los Angeles Times: «My client continued to work after the diagnosis medical because he wanted to work and could do it, just like so many other people with aphasia who are able to continue working. The reason these films got the funding is because Mr. Willis starred in them. And the result has been that thousands of people have had jobs, many during the period of the pandemic ».
Among the latest projects that have involved him, there is Midnight in Switchgrass with Megan Fox as an FBI agent who must save his partner from a serial killer. And the star also finished other films before his retirement was announced this year.

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At this point the lawyer’s statement suggests various scenarios, one of which could make the star return to the red carpet to promote the projects or even in front of the camera. Regardless of how it goes, all of Hollywood sent him their best wishes and she gathered around the family like the audience to show her closeness to Willis.

On Instagram, daughters multiply messages of affection. Rumer, for example, posted a photo of her as a child on the actor’s shoulders, on the beach with the inscription: “What a privilege to be your daughter every day. I love you so much. You are the coolest of all ».

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Talullah, on the other hand, shares an image embraced him on an armchair, while wearing very tender socks with little hearts: “You taught me how to love people with a smile, you told me that strength lies in knowing how to enjoy the little things, you showed me a way to stretch your arms to embrace and hold yourself close as many people as possible. You are by far my coolest friend ».

Scout LaRue shared a message to fans of his father on behalf of his sisters, mother Demi Moore and second wife: “This is a difficult time for our family and we greatly appreciate the constant love, support and compassion we have. send (…) and as Bruce always says, “live it to the full” and we want to do it all together ».

Finally, his wife Emma Hem shows a photo in which she and the girls use Bruce as a horse and they all laugh out loud: «Father’s day wishes to this funny, loving, generous man with a heart of gold. We really adore you ».

The message comes loud and clear: Come on, Bruce!

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Source: Vanity Fair

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