Brugnato, in the outlet opens the restaurant run by 12 boys with autism

Brugnato, in the outlet opens the restaurant run by 12 boys with autism

A restaurant run by children with autism, the first in an outlet in Italy. Today, in the world autism awareness day, at 15.30, Luna Blu restaurant opens, inside the Brugnato 5Terre Outlet Village, on the first floor of the Taste Pavilion, the space dedicated to food and wine proposals. It is managed by the Luna Blu Social Cooperative.

In the club, 12 boys with autism will take care of all organizational and operational aspects, followed by experienced and dedicated tutors and professionals. The gastronomic offer of the restaurant is of a high standard, and the flagship is the pasta – fresh and dried, but also tortellini, gnocchi, bread, pizza and focaccia – which comes handcrafted by the kidsassisted by specialized personnel (qualified cooks and educators), in the Luna Blu laboratories in La Spezia, also managed by the Cooperative.

«The inauguration of Luna Blu Ristorante, which falls on a very important day for us, represents a further stage in our journey aimed at building inclusive realities capable of enhancing the skills of these young people», explains Alberto Brunetti, president of the Il Domani dell’Autismo Foundation and project coordinator. «A journey in which they are the protagonists, people who have made their disability a starting point from which to start to reach the goal of living one’s daily life to the fullest and satisfying through a complicated and tortuous path the most basic need that gives man dignity and independence: work. The main thanks go to them, to their commitment, their dedication and their passion».

An inclusion project that not only provides training and job placement, but also support for the families of the children and in the development of projects aimed at ensure an independent and autonomous lifeeven to people with autism left alone after losing loved ones.

Luna Blu is a reality promoted by the AUT AUT Foundation, an entity born in 2017 on the initiative of the Carispezia Foundation together with the Il Domani dell’Autismo Foundation and Agapo Odv, to promote the inclusion of young adults with autism in the world of work. But Carispezia has already done it two other tourist accommodation facilities in La Spezia: the Luna Blu holiday home restaurant in via Fontevivo and Sant’Anna Hostel in the hills, which are workplaces where autistic young people are trained capable of producing pasta, focaccia, bread and much more every day.

Since 2022, there has also been a bakery in the municipality of Lerici managed by the Luna Blu cooperative.

They are places that raise social awareness of how people with autism have all it takes to become active subjects, capable of making a real contribution to productive realities.

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