Brunello Cucinelli, his Best Italian Fashion Film

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In 1 minute and 37 seconds the artist and craftsman Virgilio Villoresi condenses everything: tradition, craftsmanship, humanity, excellence. That is, the salient ingredients that season the successful recipe of the Italian fashion house Brunello Cucinelli.

His film, The Magic of Suits, it is in fact a journey halfway between dream and reality in the maze of this very local reality. The protagonists are a man and a woman, whose history, embraced by the dance of the tools of the trade, comes to life, as in the texture of a fabric, in the Renaissance village of Solomeo, right where the Brunello Cucinelli company is based, in front of one of the symbolic monuments, such as the Tribute to the dignity of man.

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Today, that short that narrates the passion and work of the famous company, takes home the title of Best Italian Fashion Film al Fashion Film Festival Milano Digital Awards 2022. An important recognition, awarded by a international jury composed of Pierpaolo Piccioli, Alba Rohrwacher, Vincent Peters, Laura Brown, Harris Reed, Stella Jean, Nadia Lee Cohen, Piero Piazzi, Esteban Diacono, Chiara Sbarigia, Arturo Galansino, Lea T and Fanny Moizant.

«’If you want to build a boat, don’t gather men to chop wood, divide up tasks and give orders, but teach them nostalgia for the vast and infinite sea’» says the author of the short, quoting Antoine de Saint Exupéry. «Involving and making you dream are the qualities that most impressed me of the Cucinelli family. Together we built the boat on which we sailed, telling the passion and complexity that lies behind their work. Special thanks to Brunello and Carolina Cucinelli who trusted me, and to all those who enthusiastically participated in this project, but also to the jury and to the whole organization of the festival. The prestige of this recognition satisfies the incessant desire for confirmation that anyone who does my work needs. With pride and satisfaction, I resume my research and my need for wonder more convinced »concludes Villoresi.

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«We had long imagined a video that would tell about our values ​​and the contents of our artifacts, we were looking for“ a special hand ”, an artist with a sensitive soul who would share with us the experience of craftsmanship. We met Virgilio and we were fascinated by him, because he was able to interpret the spirit of our work in a dreamy and delicate way “he declared Carolina Cucinelli.

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