BSE: Looking for workers with technical skills

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In recent years, several companies in the country have been experiencing staff shortages in positions that require technical knowledge rather than university education. Continuous developments in the field of technology rank IT application technicians high on the list of the most essential employees of a business. Electrician automators are also hard to find, as the SEB finds that in the next period it organizes the seminars: Skills4Jobs- Skills for good jobs.

“The reason we are starting this is because we see that there are unemployed people (young people and not only young people). And on the other hand, businesses had shortages even before 2019 and now that normality is returning, in many technical professions,” he says to APE -MPE the director of the Employment and Labor Market Sector of the SEV, Christos Ioannou and adds: “We have done a survey for the whole of Greece and we see that there are also shortages in terms of the quantity of supply, that is, of people available to be employed. But also those who are available for employment have skills shortage issues. Technology is moving fast and they lack the necessary technical knowledge to keep up with technological developments and current business investments.”

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The SEB initiative for training young people up to 30 years of age will be done in collaboration with the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of the Athens University of Economics and Business. Participants in the “Skills4Jobs – for IT Application Technicians” program will be trained with a specialized technical skills development program of 180 hours (from 29/08/2022 to 27/10/2022), by KEDIVIM/OPA. Runners-up in the “Skills4Jobs- for Electrician Automation Engineers” program will attend a specialized 144-hour technical skills development program from ΙΒΕΤΕ, the educational arm of BSE.

“We made the technical program together with the companies. The companies told us: I can’t find it, because these are now the technological developments. And they indicated to us the machines and technologies that the workers should know in order to be absorbed more easily. We mainly look at people with an educational level of technical and vocational education, not university, who do not easily enter the labor market. This is because they are not well trained to look for jobs or do not use the modern media, which young people and those who have studied use, such as LinkedIn. Salaries for these professions start from 850 euros and not from the minimum which is 713 euros. Each company increases this amount according to its needs”, points out X. Ioannou.

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In addition to IT, which tops the list of shortages, there are vacancies in 15 other specialties. Workers with specialized knowledge are sought: by the metal industry and the food and pharmaceutical industries. For this reason, BSE is preparing a separate training program for university graduates, such as chemists and biologists, who will be able to be absorbed as quality managers. But also those who want to update their legal knowledge according to European and international standards. The first announcement for prospective IT workers and young electricians will remain open until July 5. The pilot program provides for the training of 35 IT and 35 electricians who will be ready to be absorbed at the beginning of November 2022. The detailed training program and the application platform can be found on the BSE website.

In parallel, with the training program Skills4Jobs – SEV Association of Businesses and Industries (, the executives of the Association of Businesses and Industries have entered into memorandums of cooperation with the University of Western Macedonia, the Democritus University of Thrace, the National Technical University of Athens, the Athens University of Economics and Business and Democritus for the interconnection of academic institutions with the labor market. In fact, companies finance 50% of the preparation of applied doctoral research, by OPA students, on topics of interest to the members of the BSE. These are research positions in the field of Digital Transformation, Information and Communication Technologies, Administrative Science and Business Administration, Statistics, Accounting and Financial Science, as well as Economics and Marketing in the digital age.

Source: Capital

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