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Buccal Massage: I tried it with The Skin Sculpter, or Guendalina Gennari, Anne Hathaway's facialist, Lily Collins and Gillian Anderson

Buccal massage and manual lifting they are among the most searched keywords on Google, they have, to date, 2,400,000 results for the first and 106,000,000 for the second respectively. We are in Notting Hill, the London neighborhood that became famous thanks to the film of the same name, and I am going for the facial massage, which includes both treatments, and which made it famous Guendalina Gennarithe Made in Italy facialist who conquered Hollywood (and, spoiler, me too!).

From Reggio Emilia to Hollywood, talent in hands that take you far

Last year, the Financial Times included her among the eleven best facialists in the world, and the incredible story of this girl from Reggio Emilia who became the stars' favorite facialist thanks to her incredible talent and also a little of luck, we'll tell you about it here. Guendalina Gennari: hands 2 – technology 0. The Skin Sculptor (literally the skin sculptor) reads the all-pink sign at the London address 112 Talbot Road. Guendalina welcomes me with her doe-like green eyes and angelic blonde hair and lets me into her study, furnished with cream armchairs and everything else in pale shades. Nothing makes me foresee the incredible strength he has in his hands.

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Does the treatment that promises a red carpet glow work?

Today, we focus on what made Guendalina famous, and that is Sculptural Face Liftwhich we tried for you in the facialist's studio across the Channel.

It is a sculptural face lift which, contrary to what the name might suggest, is not an invasive technique, but simply a facial massage done with the hands which improves the condition of the face by repositioning the muscles where there is slight sagging.

It must really work, because actresses and singers do it before walking the red carpet to ensure a star-like glow and skin that is more relaxed than the carpet itself.

Always ready to experiment with new facials, I'm really curious and very ready to shine like a star too.

Gillian Anderson is one of Guendalina Gennari's clients (Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Samir Hussein

How is it Sculptural Face Lift with Buccal Massage

We start with a classic facial cleansing including extractions, followed by oxygen therapy done with the appropriate machine.

And now comes the good part, the face massagedone simply with the hands, which by working on the ligaments and muscle bands that make up the structure of the face, gives density and brightness to the face, and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

High definition cheekbones and jawline

After making my skin slippery with a cream, Guendalina begins to massage my face, neck and décolleté with movements sometimes from bottom to top, sometimes circular, sometimes pinching me with her fingers. She also goes along the jawline and cheekbones, sculpting my face and eliminating swelling and water retention.

Intense but pleasant manual dexterity

I am very struck by the strength that the make-up artist has in her hands, and her confident and decisive touch, enveloping like a caress, but intense like a massage, which I find pleasant and relaxing – something that cannot always be said of facials. «I have perfected my technique over many years of experience, I would define it a mix between Russian, Japanese and lymphatic massage» explains Guendalina. I don't know exactly what this refers to, but it works, as you will see.

The buccal massage

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The real relaxing part though is the intraoral massageor buccal massagewhich I absolutely recommend trying…provided you can tolerate being put there literally hands in mouth.

This particular type of massage is in fact carried out from the oral cavity: with the thumb and the other fingers, squeezing the skin between the fingertips, stimulate the cheek and jaw muscles with circular movements.

Equipped with gloves, Guendalina makes me open my mouth wide and begins to give me the massage, which not only serves to release the tensions naturally accumulated in the lower part of the face (and as a person who grinds her teeth at night, there was a lot of tension ) with a consequent lifting effect, but also acts as lymphatic drainage: eliminating excess fluids and toxins, it has a further anti-puffing and antioxidant efficacy on the face.

A massage so good it makes you cry

Even if the buccal massage it only lasts a few minutes, immediately afterwards I feel incredibly relaxed not only on my face, but also on a psychological level.

«Some of my clients burst into tears during buccal massage», The Skin Sculpter tells me, and I can imagine why: the release of tension is such that for a moment you lose control and perhaps let yourself go.

After over an hour of treatment, my face has regained all its luminosity, including that which I didn't think I could release, my skin is more relaxed and toned and I also feel more mentally relaxed (perhaps thanks to the buccal).

Judge for yourself:

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It is therefore not surprising that it is the treatment that stars choose before throwing themselves into the spotlight…glass skin is guaranteed!
The supreme glow is achieved the following day, and to obtain the best results, Guendalina recommends doing it once a week (but booking is not easy, and requires a wait of up to 3 months).
The cost of the Signature Sculptural Face Lift including Buccal is £295 (around 350 euros).

Source: Vanity Fair

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