Buddy english tutor 2.85.0

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Baddie – multifunctional English tutor for children. Install the application, and your children will learn more than 700 basic English words in a playful way, learn the correct pronunciation.

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Learning takes place in an easy playful way, children do not notice how they memorize foreign words. Virtual robot Buddy speaks Russian and English. His vocabulary is constantly increasing, he knows how to show educational videos, corrects the child if he pronounces words incorrectly.

Features of Buddy app:

  • Possibility to start training at the age of 3;
  • Unobtrusive playful form of training;
  • More than 700 words in English;
  • Convenient breakdown of words by topic;
  • Regular updating of the application, adding new topics and words;
  • The curriculum has been adjusted by professionals in the field of child pedagogy and psychology;
  • Buddy is voiced by a native speaker to ensure correct pronunciation;
  • High quality graphics;
  • The application is bright, colorful, which even more attracts children.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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