Bugo asks Morgan 240 thousand euros in damages (for Sanremo 2020)

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Per Morgan the troubles never end. The singer, already struggling with various legal and financial disputes, was also brought to court by his former partner Bugo, accused of having damaged his career by “sabotaging” his song Honest in Sanremo 2020. That edition went down in history precisely for the quarrel live between the two. The facts: Morgan without Bugo’s knowledge changed the text of Honest (which is prohibited by the regulation, and for this the two were disqualified from the Festival). The Novara singer-songwriter, angry for the controversial stanzas sung by the former leader of Bluvertigo towards him («The bad intentions, the rudeness […].

You only know how to cultivate envy, thank heaven you are on this stage, respect those who brought you inside “), left the Ariston stage without finishing the exhibition, leaving Morgan stunned too, who, looking around, hissed into the microphone: “What’s going on?”

Now the two former associates meet again, but in court. Morgan, for that header (and for sharing the song in its two different versions on social networks) risks a real drain. Bugo – as confirmed in Rolling Stones by the same lawyers as Marco Castoldi – he asked him for compensation of around 240 thousand euros.

But the trouble for Morgan doesn’t end there. Yesterday the singer also had to respond to the allegations of stalking against his ex-partner Angelica. Accusations that he totally rejects: “Violence cannot be associated with me, does he want to drag me to court because I wrote poems?“. The hearing was postponed until July but in the meantime the singer has also received a subpoena for resistance to public officials, for having opposed the authorities on the day of eviction from his home in Monza. Finally, in September, Morgan will have to deal with the ex Jessica Mazzoli, mother of her daughter Lara. Mazzoli claims that she has never received the 3 thousand euros of alimony for the baby, established by the Court of Tempio Pausania, and now asks for compensation of 200 thousand euros.

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