Building collapse in France: One dead and agony for two missing

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A man was found today, Tuesday (7/12) dead in the ruins of a three-storey building, which collapsed overnight to the south France after an explosion that was probably due to a gas problem, and the fire department is still looking for two missing after rescuing a woman and her baby.

In particular, the accident occurred in a building in Sanari-sir-Mer (Var), a city on the Mediterranean coast of about 15,000 inhabitants, which is located about fifty kilometers east of Marseille. The most recent accident with building collapse in southeastern France occurred on November 5, 2018 in Marseille, when two dilapidated buildings in the city center collapsed causing the death of 8 people.

Building collapse in France: “It is very likely that he is the baby’s father”

In Sanari-sir-Mer, a 30-year-old man was found unconscious by rescue workers before being pronounced dead. “It is very likely that he is the father of the baby,” clarified state services.

Firefighters assisted by teams of trained dogs are continuing their search to find the two people still missing in the rubble of the building. It is believed that this is “a mother -an elderly woman- and her son”, who lived on the ground floor, according to the APE-MPE.

According to the overall report released by the authorities so far, the collapse of this apartment building in the port, in the old town of Sanari, has caused one person was killed, five were injured – the mother and her child, as well as three people who were slightly injured and were rushed to hospital as soon as rescue teams arrived – and there are two missing.

The three-storey building, which was located between two creperies in Sanari-sir-Mer, is now a pile of debris, according to AFP reporters.

The rescue of the baby

“It took us more than two hours to get the baby out. This now takes the necessary care (…). “She is doing well,” the firefighters clarified. “We heard it crying, the trained dog immediately found the spot where it was and this allowed us to open a tunnel to go find it and we managed to get it out,” according to them.

«At the moment we have no signs of life other than debris, but we did not hear the baby right away either. “We have to be very careful, work diligently to pick up the wreckage and move slowly towards potential victims,” ​​said War Eric Grohen, the fire chief.

The blast occurred overnight and was heard eight kilometers from the building. The two buildings on either side of what was destroyed by the blast were also damaged, according to an AFP reporter, while the prefecture said at least one of them was evacuated.

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