Bulgaria: Agreement between four parties to form a government

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The new, centrist party “We Continue Change” (PP) announced tonight that it has reached an agreement with three other parties to form a government, marking the end of a long period of political instability in Bulgaria.

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“The agreement has just been signed by all the partners in the (governing) coalition,” said Kirill Petkov, 41, the party’s co-founder and prime ministerial candidate.

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“This is the first time in the modern history of Bulgaria that such a detailed document has been drafted,” he said, referring to the 140-page agreement.

The composition of the government will be announced tomorrow, Saturday, and will be followed by the vote of confidence by the Parliament, on Monday.

With this agreement, Bulgaria seems to be turning the page on Boyko Borisov, the politician who has dominated political life for almost a decade, whose critics accuse him of corruption. Although it lost the April and July elections, the other parties failed to unite to form a government. In the face of this impasse, two Harvard businessmen, Kirill Petkov and Asen Vassilev, launched a campaign for power in September after captivating Bulgarians with their caretaker government. Two months later, they made the surprise move with almost 26% of the vote, ahead of Borisov’s conservative Gerb party.



Source From: Capital

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