Bulgaria: Sofia recalls ambassador to Moscow

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Bulgaria has announced the recall of its ambassador to Moscow in protest of the Russian ambassador to Sofia’s insulting remarks about the war in Ukraine.

“We will recall our ambassador to Russia for consultations,” Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov had previously announced.

“We will recall our ambassador from Russia for consultations … Usually, when one country recalls its ambassador for consultations, the other follows and does the same,” Petkov said.

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry confirmed to AFP the return of Bulgarian Ambassador to Moscow Atanas Krastin to Sofia.

Earlier this week, in an interview with a Russian television network, Russian Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova said the Bulgarian people did not support the Bulgarian government’s rhetoric and stance on what Moscow calls a “special operation” in Ukraine.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister considered “unacceptable” the fact that he “spoke on behalf of the Bulgarian people”, describing the behavior of the Russian ambassador as “undiplomatic and inappropriate”.

Eleonora Mitrofanova had provoked the Bulgarian public opinion on March 3, when on the occasion of the national holiday she had compared the Russian attack on Ukraine with the liberation of Bulgaria from the Russian army in 1878, after five centuries of Ottoman rule.

Bulgaria was the “petted child” of Moscow in the Soviet period and Bulgarian public opinion remained favorably inclined towards Russia. However, the invasion of Ukraine changed the mood.

Bulgaria, on NATO’s eastern wing in the Black Sea, is a member of the Atlantic Alliance and the European Union. .

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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