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Bulgaria: Talks on coalition agreement under way

As the future coalition government partners continue talks on the coalition agreement and the formation of a government, more details became known today. One of them is that each of the four parties will have a vice-president in the new government and there will be a fifth vice-president in charge of the “effectiveness of the government”, said today the co-chair of the party We Continue Change ‘Asen Vassilev, speaking to reporters.

Vasilev expressed hope that the coalition agreement would be signed by the end of the week.

His party, the largest in Bulgaria’s new parliament elected in the November 14th elections, is negotiating a coalition agreement with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), There Is Such a People (YTL / TISP) and Democratic Bulgaria (DB). . The former ruling GERB-UDF and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms will be in opposition, as will the smaller parliamentary group, the nationalist Vazrazhdane (Renaissance).

Vasilev said the parties were considering some final corrections to the coalition agreement. “We are literally talking about some proposals. So, we hope the final version will be ready later today.” What is foreseen is the final version to be discussed separately by the leadership of each party on December 9-10. He also noted that the agreement will be based on the assumption that the government will fulfill its four-year term.

Kalina Konstantinova, of the parliamentary group of the party We Continue Change, told reporters at the National Assembly that she has been nominated for vice president, responsible for the effectiveness of the government, which means “digital transformation of the state administration”, as she explained.

Lyubomir Karimanski said he expected ITL leader Slavi Trifonov to sign the agreement. It is up to the trustee, the party We Continue Change, to determine the form of signature, he added.

Victoria Vassileva (YTL) expressed the hope that the agreement will be finalized by late tonight.

According to Democratic Bulgaria co-chair Christo Ivanov, one of the ministers to be appointed by them will be the deputy prime minister. He said a version of the coalition agreement was sent earlier today and that party leaders in the Democratic Bulgaria coalition are expected to express their views.

Discussing the possibility of each ruling coalition partner having a vice president in the future government, Ivanov explained that this would be a structural feature of the emerging government aimed at eliminating the risk of “some sector feudalism”.

BSP President Cornelia Ninova said she would discuss the new version of the coalition agreement later today, a day before it was decided when the party’s National Council would convene. She said that all the signatories should sign the agreement as equals, instead of letting the We Continue Change party sign it separately with each partner, which is the only option that has been considered.



Source From: Capital

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