Bulgarian PM: Europe must be stronger and find alternatives to Russian gas

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Europe must be “stronger” and find “alternatives” to no longer use Russian gas, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov said today from Ukraine.

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Moscow cut off gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland yesterday.

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“For a few months now, we would never have thought we would be without Russian gas, but now we have alternatives,” said Kirill Petkov of Irpin, a suburb of Kiev that was destroyed during Russian occupation in March. “If Bulgaria has an alternative, everyone in Europe must do the same. We have to be stronger, we have to be tougher,” he added.

As of yesterday, Bulgaria, like Poland, has been supplied with gas “through its neighbors in the European Union”, after the closure of Gazprom’s faucet, said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, denouncing the blackmail of Moscow.

European energy ministers will meet extraordinarily on May 2 to discuss the situation, the French presidency of the European Union has announced.

Gazprom announced yesterday the cessation of gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, explaining that the two countries, NATO and the European Union, did not make the payments in rubles, as demanded by Vladimir Putin.

European companies that agree to pay for Russian gas in rubles will violate European Union sanctions and be exposed to high judicial risk, the commission president warned.


Source: Capital

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