Bullard says US debt is still considered a safe-haven asset and the dollar a reserve currency


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St. Louis Federal Reserve Chairman James Bullard said Wednesday that US Treasuries are still considered safe haven assets and that the US dollar is a reserve currency, as reported by Reuters.

Comments additional:

Monetary policy in 2020 was very successful, avoided financial panic“.

“Deaths per day are likely to have peaked, and as they go down it will have big ramifications for the economy.”

There are risks; one would be a mutation that would make vaccines less effective, but that’s not a reference case“.

No clear date is expected for the end of the pandemicBut as vaccines progress, the virus runs out of victims. “

“I don’t want to set specific dates when the bar for additional substantial progress to lower QE is expected.”

“There may be a boom, let’s wait and see if that happens.”

We have a long way to go in improving the labor market“.

Conditions are good to generate inflation“.

“No matter which theory of inflation you subscribe to, they all point in the direction of an increase.”


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