Bullying, famous people who have won thanks to diversity

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Bullying and cyberbullying are the greatest threat to Italian children, after drugs and sexual violence. 61% say they are victims and 68% have witnessed episodes of bullying and cyberbullying. Six out of 10 teenagers say they don’t feel safe online according to data from the 2020 Indifesa Observatory of Land of men e School disseminated in view of the International Day Against Bullying on February 7 and the Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 9.

For girls, the greatest fear is that of Revenge porn (52.16%), fear that intimate images will end up online for revenge.

One in three teenagers confirm that they have seen intimate photos of themselves or of friends on social networks. Almost all girls (95.17%) recognize that seeing their hot photos / videos circulated without their consent online or on other people’s cell phones is as bad as being physically abused.

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In the year of Covid, 93% of teenagers said they felt solo, with a 10% increase compared to 2019. It’s a feeling that has increased this year, but that has always been there for many teenagers, as bullying is not a new matter and has also affected people who have become famous.

Lily Collins she was a victim of her classmates: they told her that she looked like a werewolf because of her big, black and thick eyebrows. Mika and Pink often told their story, but they felt different too Jennifer Aniston ed Emma Stone.

Vladimiro Polchi has collected thirty of these stories in the book Nobody is imperfect. The revenge of the different published by De Agostini. The protagonists are great artists, movie stars, established sportsmen, successful inventors, intellectuals, brilliant scientists who, however, as children they saw only their faults, those for which one is often made fun of. Sometimes it is precisely starting from the bottom that you have the drive to jump higher, because often talent lurks where no one would ever look.

In the gallery above ten of these stories.

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