Burhan Baran: ‘Completely reworking the content of my recent post’

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Burhan Baran, MP of PASOK – KINAL, issued a statement in which he states that he is revising the content of his post. Mr. Baran in his post on social media spoke of a “Turkish minority” in Thrace and called on the Muslims of Xanthi to vote next week for one of the pseudo-muftis candidates, causing heaps of reactions.

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In particular, Burhan Baran states in his announcement:

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“I am completely redoing the content of my recent post, which has already been removed from all my social media accounts. I am sorry for the upset and the reason I, against my will, gave negative comments to me and especially to the faction I represent as Member of Parliament for Xanthi.

I declare that I absolutely and unreservedly respect the Constitution of Greece and the Greek legislation, which specifically regulates the institution of the mufti, after the recent amendment, which as a member of PASOK I publicly supported in the Parliament. The Muslim minority enjoys recognition from the Greek State, without any exception or discrimination in terms of individual and political rights.

Henceforth and in order to avoid any misunderstanding of my positions or my intentions, I declare that I will not participate in any process that encourages the opposite of the above.”

Source: Capital

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