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Burkina Faso: Diabré and Komboïgo, these competitors of President Kaboré

The outgoing president, Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, is given the favorite but of his twelve competitors for this presidential election, there are two with whom he will have to count. They are the one considered to be the leader of the opposition, Zéphirin Diabré, and the candidate of the party of ex-president Blaise Compaoré, Eddie Komboïgo. If President Kaboré is betting on a re-election in the first round, his opponents want to believe in a second round which would allow union against the presidential camp. “The agreement was signed by all the opposition parties to support the one who will be in the best position,” Zéphirin Diabré told AFP during the campaign.

Who is Zéphirin Diabré?

Zéphirin Diabré is president of the UPC, the main opposition party in the Assembly. © OLYMPIA DE MAISMONT / AFP

Leader of the opposition with 33 seats in Parliament for his party, the Union for Progress and Change (UPC), Zéphirin Diabré was already Roch Marc Christian Kaboré’s main challenger in the 2015 presidential election. He had indeed arrived second with 29.65% of the vote. Unlike 2015, this time he failed to rally all the opposition around his candidacy.

An economist by training, Zéphirin Diabré, 61, is far from being a novice in politics and in the state apparatus. Several times minister under Blaise Compaoré (1987-2014), this former Africa director of the French nuclear group Areva and also former deputy director general of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is considered by some of his supporters as Amadou ouédraogo as as “the only one who can really save Burkina Faso from its thousand ills”. It must be said that the man is considered as “a high-flying intellectual” and “a hard worker” as said by Drissa Traoré, professor of political science who nevertheless notes a weak point which could greatly reduce his chances: “His inability to reconcile the many opponents of President Kaboré ”. It is indeed extremely criticized for its management of the security crisis which shakes Burkina Faso of which large parts of the territory are beyond the control of the central power.

On his side, stands the candidate of the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP), the party of former President Blaise Compaoré. His name is Eddie Komboïgo and is in a hurry to take revenge on the fate that had excluded him from the 2015 ballot where the CDP was banned from participation.

Who is Eddie Komboïgo, the other serious competitor of President Kaboré?

Eddie Komboïgo is president of the CDP, the party of ex-president Compaoré. © AHMED OUOBA / AFP

56-year-old chartered accountant, Eddie Komboïgo is the president of the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP). He is also his candidate for this presidential election. His weapon: the growing nostalgia for the past regime on which he tried to capitalize. Man renowned for his deemed colossal fortune, Eddie Komboïgo is the third man in this election for observers. He made a campaign very close to the field and above all intense. While the other candidates were satisfied with one meeting per day, he went so far as to ensure three meetings per day. Particularity to note: its desire to rehabilitate the legacy of Blaise Compaoré. Illustration: in his meetings, the posters bearing the effigy of the former president are as numerous as his, it is to say … Confident, Eddie Komboïgo, close friend of General Gilbert Diendéré, former right-hand man of Blaise Compaoré and figure of the failed coup of 2015, does not hide it but wants to reassure: “The CDP is back, mobilizes and scares. But do not be afraid because the CDP is not there to take revenge, it wants to build the hope of a nation, a better tomorrow and the development of Burkina Faso ”.

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