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Burla rage against US university presidents for their stance on anti-Semitism

The wrath of the CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Albert Burlaprompted by the depositions of three American university presidents (Harvard, Pennsylvania and MIT) before Congress on the phenomena of anti-Semitism recorded in the higher educational institutions of the USA after the start of Israel’s war with Hamas and the hammering of the Gaza Strip.

Burla blamed the three presidents (Claudine Gay – Harvard, Liz Magill – Pennsylvania and Sally Kobluth – MIT) how failed miserably to condemn ‘racist, anti-Semitic hate speech’ on their campuses.

As he argued, in his post on X, their testimony to Congress “it was one of the most shameful moments in the history of American academia”.

The heads of the three universities were summoned to the relevant congressional committee on Education after references to student demonstrations calling for the genocide of the Jews. Among other things, they were asked whether these reports violate university policies and constitute “harassment.”

“We don’t penalize people for their political views, but when speech crosses the line and becomes an act that violates our policies on bullying and harassment, then we take action,” he said. Claudine Gay, Principal of Harvard;

From her side MIT President Sally Kobluth; argued that “at the same time we must ensure that we protect everyone’s freedom of speech and different opinions. This means respecting the Institute’s principles of freedom of expression.”

University of Pennsylvania President Elizabeth Magill, he responded that he has personally objected to anti-Semitic views of some speakers at the festival, but that he had not considered canceling the event. “We host probably thousands of speakers on campus each year. I disagree with many of them. I don’t cancel or censor them before they arrive on campus,” he emphasized.

Burla, who is of Jewish descent, questioned whether the deaths of his grandparents, aunt and uncle in the Auschwitz inferno would provide sufficient justification for presidents to denounce anti-Semitic propaganda.

The Pfizer CEO also published a photo of his aunt Graciela Burla, who was exterminated in the concentration camp at the age of 17. “Unfortunately there are no photos of my grandparents and my uncle who also did not survive. I still wonder what they looked like,” he said.

The positions of the three presidents caused strong reactions in the educational community. Students and donors at the University of Pennsylvania called for the dismissal of Elizabeth Magill, who the day after the deposition appeared to regret her placement.

As he said he was wrong in attempting such a legalistic approach to the issue. “I did not focus – as I should have – on the indisputable fact that a strong stand against calls for the genocide of the Jews is a statement against the most violent acts a human being can commit.”

Source: News Beast

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