But what a sweetie! Police of the Met Gala goes viral for being a heartthrob

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Although a few days have passed since the Met Gala came to an end, the great event continues to give people something to talk about, and not only because of the outfits of the celebrities, but also by the guards who guarded the place. Yes, you read that right, by the guards.

It turns out that the TikTok account @dearedenme shared a video showing an attractive policeman guarding the entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of New York, where the annual Gala is held. However, the physiognomy of said officer has stolen the attention of thousands of Internet users, who are already looking for him because of his gallantry, size and fine features.

Police of the Met Gala goes viral for handsome

The video in which the gorgeous Met Gala official appears was shared on TikTok, and the girl who uploaded it asked for help locating the boy so she could meet him in person. So far, the clip accumulates more than 500 thousand reproductions and 35 thousand reactions.

TikTok user @irinikouts saw the video and immediately assured that it is his older brother, even shared a video as proof of this. Sadly, he did not reveal the name, age or other information about the handsome officer, but he did confirm that he is married, breaking the hearts of the girls who longed to be his new sister-in-law.


So everyone is posting about the MET Gala but can we talk about the hottest policeman on earth? #metgala2022 #themarkhotel #nyc #newyork #metgala

♬ this is what falling in love feels like – JVKE

Although this story did not have the ending that many Internet users expected, it did leave us with pleasant memories, and of course, that officer delighted our eyes for a few seconds.


Reply to @elisemaries very true. My big bruiser♥️ #brother #metgala

♬ original sound – Irini

Let’s hope that the next time that such a gallant policeman crosses our path, he turns out to be the love of our life, or even gives us his IG to stalk it.

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