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This article is published in issue 2/3 of Vanity Fair on newsstands until January 19, 2022

If that weren’t enough, it is even the word of the year just past. Among the many candidates, Collins lexicographers, at the end of 2021, crowned the acronym Nft, which stands for Non-fungible token, that is «non-fungible tokens», certificates of ownership for digital works that want to revolutionize the liturgies of collecting, if not directly the concept of ownership of an intellectual work. According to the publisher that publishes the dictionary, usage of the term increased by 11,000 percent over 365 days. Net of the inevitable technicalities, we rewind the tape and go to about three months ago, or the first cover of Vanity Fair made in Nft, starring the singer Elodie. A unique and unprecedented operation, the debut of a magazine in the world of crypto, the zero stake in a long series. The sequel of which is already here. Soon that cover tokenizzata it will come auctioneddrop, for the nerds and the precise – on the new Nft marketplace: monkeys, which belongs to Tron, the blockchain giant, the technology behind cryptocurrencies. Together with her, a collectible series of four covers made by as many emerging talents of the digital scene. All exponents of the dark and introspective cyberpunk imagery, which inspires the most appreciated (and highest paid) crypto art of the moment, are putting themselves on the line in this new league. They are called Coup of Grace, Matteo Ingrao, The Isolationist e Von Doyle and here we present them to you. We have identified them together with Valuart, which among other things realizes Nft derived from original works of art and had already helped us in tokenizzazione of the cover with Elodie.

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The auction should have been held on January 6th, but due to the high number of pre-registrations postponed to February. Sydney Xiong, Director of Apenft, is keen to clarify: «We are proud to see such a hype and enthusiasm around the first drop of the covers of Vanity Fair. It is in everyone’s interest to create a safe and easy-to-use market: for this we must postpone the official launch. Although delays are never ideal, with over 1.2 million users in the whitelist we are confident that we will provide a successful NFT drop ».

We know what you are thinking: good for you, but who can participate in the auction? Since it is intended public, anyone can intervene, the only requirement to make purchases: the opening of a dedicated digital wallet (wallet, always for nerds and the precise) which is exactly what it claims to be, that is a tool for online transactions with different cryptocurrencies, which you can activate directly on the Apenft auction platform. The basis for winning the covers: between 100 and 300 dollars. And once you buy? The choice is yours to display them online and offline, share them on social networks and, yes, even resell them.

Coup of Grace


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