bVNC: Secure VNC Viewer

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BVNC is an open source secure VNC client. Its features include:

– Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD or any other OS with VNC server installed

– Support for master password in Pro version

– Multi-factor (two-factor) SSH authentication in the Pro version

– Multi-touch remote mouse control. One-finger tap left-click, two-finger tap right-click, and three-finger tap Middle clicks

– Drag right and middle finger if you don’t lift the first touching finger – Two-finger drag scrolling

– Pinching fingers -zoom

– forced landscape, immersive mode, do not turn off the screen

– dynamic resolution change, which allows you to reconfigure the desktop when connected and control virtual machines from the BIOS in the OS

– full rotation support

– multilingual mode

– full mouse support

– full desktop visibility even with extended soft keyboard

– SSH tunneling, AnonTLS and VeNCrypt for secure connections (does not support RealVNC encryption).

– High quality encryption superior to RDP using SSH and VeNCrypt (x509 and SSL certificates), preventing attacks like “

attacker in the middle “- AutoX Session Discovery / Creation Like NX Client

– Hard encodings and CopyRect for fast updates

– Ability to reduce color depth on slow links

– Copy / paste integration

and much more.

Windows instructions:

Plain VNC:

Secure VNC via VeNCrypt:

Secure VNC over SSH: tunneling-vnc-over-ssh-to-windows.html

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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