By 2024, all inquiries in Russia will be issued online

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Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Chernyshenko told the TASS news agency that by 2024, Russians will be able to draw up all certificates, social benefits and benefits via the Internet. This will be possible thanks to the “State Services Online” project, which is aimed not only at improving the quality and convenience of services provided by government agencies, but also at expanding these services in electronic form. Such an initiative will make online services available throughout the country without being tied to a place of residence.

Chernyshenko noted that 200 mass public services will be transferred to electronic form by the specified date, but those who are used to receiving them in the traditional format will be able to apply personally to the MFC for a certificate or payment. Integration of information systems of government agencies with the portal of public services will allow you to save the entire history of citizen appeals in his personal account. If he asks again about the same issue, it will simplify the processing of the request and its execution.

Thanks to the “State Services Online” project, the personal reception of citizens and the time for rendering services will be reduced, some requests will be resolved almost immediately. This will be beneficial not only for citizens and the state, but also for business. In addition, it will also lead to significant savings.

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