By the end of December, the aid will be paid to over 1 million beneficiaries announced by the Prime Minister

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Before the end of the year, the extra benefits will be paid to the first-line health workers, the low-income pensioners and the disabled, announced yesterday by the Prime Minister.

The total amount to be paid amounts to 338.5 million, the total of which comes from the larger than expected growth of the economy. The government’s goal is twofold, on the one hand to reward health professionals for their daily struggle on the front lines to deal with the pandemic and on the other to support low-income retirees and people with disabilities to cope with the rising cost of living due to high prices. energy and in basic items.

It should be noted that the benefits announced by Mr. Mitsotakis from the floor of Parliament, the 250 euros allowance for pensioners under 600 euros and OPEC beneficiaries with disabilities, as well as the extra half salary to 100,000 first-line health workers, have a total budget expenditure of EUR 338.5 million.

The beneficiaries are estimated to exceed one million and to these should be added those who receive the minimum guaranteed income, who on December 15 will see double the amount in their accounts.

The beneficiaries of this new emergency benefit are detailed:

1. The health workers: About 100,000 health workers and employees of EKAB will receive an allowance, equal to half of the paid monthly basic salary. The payment will be made with the payment at the end of December to the health workers of the hospitals, the health centers and EKAB. The total cost is estimated at 90m euros.

2. Low-income retirees: About 800,000 low-income retirees, with earnings of less than 600 euros, will receive 250 euros each, as well as an additional 50 euros for each protected member. They will receive a total of 205 million in aid to address price increases in energy and commodities.

3. Disabled: Also from 250 euros, additional assistance will be received by 173,000 of our fellow citizens with disabilities to deal with price increases in energy and basic items. Beneficiaries are those who receive an allowance for the disabled of OPEC. The cost amounts to 43.5 million euros.

The criteria for retirees are:

– To have declared an annual individual taxable income up to 7,200 euros, ie income from pensions up to 600 euros

– annual family taxable income up to 14,400 euros.

– total taxable value of the household real estate up to 200,000 euros in total for the whole household.



Source From: Capital

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