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By: Zendesk – AI-powered customer service expands opportunities on Black Friday

Black Friday, which this year takes place on November 24th, is eagerly awaited by retailers eager to increase their revenue and build a loyal customer base.

To get an idea of ​​the potential of the date, in 2022 retail sales grew 6.9% in the period, compared to the same period in the previous year, according to the Cielo Extended Retail Index (ICVA). Even with in-person sales returning to normal – it was the first edition of Black Friday post-pandemic, e-commerce registered an increase of 21.1%.

In 2023, the optimistic market will count on the help of the latest technological advances to make this a historic edition. And at the center of these advances is the experience of the more demanding consumer who expects to find not only price and quality, but also agile, kind and differentiated service.

The customer at the center

According to the report Zendesk CX Trends 2023, consumers are in control, they know they have options and do not hesitate to migrate to the competition when faced with a bad experience. Therefore, when brands’ intention is to strengthen the relationship with the customer and gain their loyalty, it is essential to invest efforts in delivering what they expect.

In addition to being seen and heard, people seek increasingly natural and fluid interactions with companies. They want to be treated like the valued customers they are, not just another transaction or ticket.

Anyone who wants to take advantage of the opportunity to boost their business should start planning as soon as possible. A well-aligned strategy is the best way to avoid surprises and achieve the best results. To overcome the challenges of high demand and provide an impeccable shopping journey, consumer satisfaction must be the main focus.

Whether through an artificially intelligent bot or a real human agent, consumers expect simplified, frictionless communication. That is, conversational experiences that do not interrupt your current tasks, offering the possibility to pause and resume where you left off as many times as necessary, through the channel you prefer.

Personalization is another important element and goes beyond typical marketing initiatives. Also according to CX Trends, 59% of consumers want companies to use the data collected about them to create personalized experiences. In other words: old processes need to be rethought with the intention of delivering an intelligent CX, which is increasingly immersive, agile and satisfying.

Experience powered by artificial intelligence

In this scenario, technology has become an indispensable resource and the use of artificial intelligence an important ally to improve the shopping experience.

Specifically in customer service, the inclusion of automation and artificial intelligence resources is a way to elevate the experience, making teams more agile, especially when dealing with the high traffic of the offer season.

But the benefits of AI for retail go beyond the Black Friday period and are powerful elements to drive your company’s growth throughout the year.

Zendesk has been integrating Artificial Intelligence for 6 years to offer the best customer service. The tool provides agility in resolutions, suggesting responses and detecting the customer’s intention, in order to make interactions more objective. Furthermore, the technology offers personalized recommendations based on consumer data to predict their next steps and provide the necessary support at each stage of the journey.

Another benefit is continuous learning. Zendesk’s generative artificial intelligence, in partnership with OpenAI, is becoming more efficient with each interaction. With Zendesk bots, AI feels like an extension of your customer service team as they anticipate needs, promote self-service, and provide instant responses to every customer. Instant support, 24/7.

Not to mention saving time. Zendesk’s intelligent triage and context dashboard can save 45 seconds per customer issue. For a mid-sized retailer, this could result in 120 hours per month in time saved. A feature that allows service teams to handle large volumes of conversations by automating repetitive tasks and requests.

On Black Friday and other days of the year, Zendesk’s AI speeds up team work and creates the best experiences for your customer.

To learn more about Zendesk’s complete customer service solution and expand your company’s opportunities this Black Friday, visit: https://www.zendesk.com.br/

Source: CNN Brasil

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