The Bybit cryptocurrency exchange has opened a premarket for the HMSTR token, which the creators of the Hamster Kombat tap-game promise to release. The exact date of the token listing on Bybit or other exchanges has not yet been announced.

The trading platform allows the pre-market to purchase the HMSTR token before the asset is officially listed on the Bybit spot market. According to the Hamster Kombat project roadmap, the coin should be listed before the end of July.

To sell the HMSTR token, the user needs to go to the premarket section, create an order, fill in the fields (number of tokens to sell, cost). In fact, this trading can be called trading not in tokens, but in commodity futures for a commodity.

The first to announce the token premarket was KuCoin, but the presale has not yet begun. KuCoin said that the presale would open on July 19. To participate in the presale, users must pass Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

Earlier, Telegram founder Pavel Durov emphasized the wild success of Hamster Kombat, promising to launch its token on the TON blockchain. But he also did not name any exact date. Durov is convinced that the release of the token will create hundreds of millions of new crypto investors.