Cade condemns companies for forming a cartel of cafeterias in 6 airports

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The Administrative Council for Economic Defense condemned five companies and six individuals for forming a cartel in Infraero’s bids for concession of areas for cafeterias in several airports, including Congonhas (SP).

According to the investigation, the companies acted to block face-to-face auctions promoted by Infraero for hiring cafeteria services at airports in the cities of Campo Grande (MS), São Paulo (SP), Florianópolis (SC), Maceió (AL), Recife (PE) and São José dos Pinhais (PR).

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The companies and individuals responsible were ordered to pay fines totaling R$ 4.7 million.

Convicts were also banned from participating in new bids with the federal and state and municipal public administrations for five years.

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In addition, CADE will send a letter to the public ministries of the five affected states to inform about the case for the adoption of measures in the criminal area and possible action for collective damages, since the cartel harmed all users of these airports.

Source: CNN Brasil

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