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Caetano Veloso obtains the seizure of Olavo de Carvalho's book recipes in court

The Rio de Janeiro Court ordered the seizure of the amounts collected by Editora Record from the sale of Olavo de Carvalho's books. The decision was to respond to a request from musician Caetano Veloso's lawyers.

The writer, who died in January 2022, had been sentenced to pay a daily fine of R$10,000 for not having removed 2017 publications from his social networks in which he accused Caetano of pedophilia.

Carvalho was referring to the singer's relationship with actress Paula Lavigne.

The compensation amount accumulated and, according to the last update made in 2022, it was already R$3,372,608.33.

According to the decision of judge Guilherme Pedrosa Lopes, until the writer's inventory is finalized, the totality of assets belonging to Olavo de Carvalho's estate is responsible for the debts contracted by him. Therefore, the execution of the sentence for the action won by Caetano must be directed to the estate.

Editora Record informed the Court that the values ​​relating to Olavo de Carvalho's books currently total R$8,016.40.

A CNN awaiting positioning from lawyers on both sides.

Source: CNN Brasil

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