Cafeteria Amor Espresso opens in SP and focuses on specialty coffees and social causes

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the busy Alameda Santos has just won a new space dedicated to the passion for specialty coffees. At number 1298, near the corner with Pamplona street, Espresso love a coffee shop opened this week as a result of a social project.

The address was born with a focus on coffees from sustainable systems serving drinks and snacks from traceable inputs and focusing on employment of women in vulnerable situations .

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Two cashiers – an external one for take-away and an internal one for on-site consumption – offer 15 drinks, including espressos, coffees strained through filters by the Japanese brand Hario and the baristas’ own creations.

The titles of some drinks even honor women who are part of the Selo Amor Espresso social project, such as Dari a Venezuelan refugee who names the coffee with macadamia .

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Any of the drinks can be served with vegetable and bobba milk, with black and slightly sweetened tapioca pearls.

To accompany them, a food menu offers items ranging from banana muffins and brownies to jackfruit drumsticks, lactose-free quiches and dates filled with peanut butter or vegan chocolate.

Even small, the house decorated with white bricks, wooden furniture and plants also has an upper part with a sofa and small tables. Pet parents can be carefree: space is pet friendly .

coffee for a cause

The coffee beans used in the cafeteria come from the farm of the same name located in sprouts , about 250 km from the capital of São Paulo. They grow in a sustainable system of 200 hectares of plantation, which contains five varieties of Arabica coffee: Paraíso, Macaw, Yellow Catucaí 2SL, IPR 100 and IAC.

The brand also sells its products through own e-commerce.

But the project goes beyond that: named Espresso Love Seal the NGO linked to Amor Espresso aims to promote professional training and insert women in situations of social and financial vulnerability into the job market.

Fernanda Samaia, name at the head of the project, the farm and the cafeteria, he decided to combine his family background in coffee plantations with the desire for change he found in examples inside and outside the country.

With the embryo formed in 2019, the NGO began its work within a community in the North Zone of São Paulo and, so far, has employed six groups of baristas.

Over eight weeks, the program features intensive barista training in addition to psychological support and emotional empowerment.

“Talking to women who have gone through various traumas and abuses, I changed as a person and realized the importance of the financial arm in the constitution of women’s autonomy”, says Fernanda.

At the end of the process, the students are referred for job interviews. When hired by other coffee shops, they continue to receive individual mentoring for a few months.

Efforts are now concentrated so that all the female workforce at the cafeteria on the outskirts of the Paulista Avenue are women trained by the NGO.

Espresso love
Alameda Santos, 1298 – Cerqueira César, São Paulo – SP / Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 17:30. Instagram: @amor_espresso.

Source: CNN Brasil

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