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Cala del Tanit, chef Oscar Bosch’s new home, brings the taste of Spanish summer to Itaim, in SP

Cala del Tanit, chef Oscar Bosch’s new home, brings the taste of Spanish summer to Itaim, in SP

Hardly a fan of Spanish cuisine who lives in São Paulo has not heard the name Oscar Bosch . The Catalan chef is in charge of two addresses that easily rank among the best in Iberian Peninsula cuisine in the city, the Tanit and the Nit Tapas Bar in the Gardens.

A week ago Oscar opened his third house, the Cala del Tanit this time in the neighborhood of Itaim . The ambiance is beautiful, modern, with a bar at the back and a kitchen open to the high-ceilinged lounge, in addition, it also has inviting sidewalk tables on the gastronomic Rua Pais de Araújo.

If the atmosphere impresses, get ready for the dishes! These are direct tickets to the European summer, for fun holidays and welcoming but also surprising encounters. A menu that managed to make everyone at the table say “wow” and “wow, how delicious” from start to finish.

Divided into eight sessions, the menu is very different from the restaurants in Jardins and begins with “To eat with your hands “, where the fresh tuna Nori roll (R$ 58 with four pieces) arrives crispy, very light and in a beautiful presentation, but it also has a fatty and ultra-tasty one, the kind that stretches when you bite into the cheese, “cheese cheese bread ” fried with honey (R$39 with two pieces), and, of course, Croqueta de chorizo ​​(R$38 with four pieces) – this is one of the only recipes that came from Tanit.

Then go to “Crudos, Costeros and Tartares ” with the refreshing and “eating with a spoon” Scallop Ceviche with melon, tapioca and green olive oil (R$ 69). Between the “To share, share and enjoy ” has a classic, the tomato gazpacho, which is made in-house with Jerez marinated tomatoes, steamed prawns and cucumber sorbet (R$ 68) and also a Crispy Pizzeta de Vitello tonnato (R$ 59) with a beautiful accent Italian.

This accent also appears in the “Las Pastas ” with the Ossobuco Tortellini with polenta fonduta and black garlic demi glaze (R$ 92) or the Pappardelle ripieno with smoked ricotta (R$ 69), but it is in the session “Rice and Paella ” which is perhaps the soul of the house with the impeccable duck socarrat rice with grilled octopus and aioli (R$ 98), yes, that burnt part at the bottom of the paella pan and which is disputed got its own dish that delivers absolutely all textures and awakens sensations with each bite, as well as the hearty Paella marinera (R$ 280, serves up to three people) with prawns, grilled squid and mussels.

In “Del Mar “fish cooked on the grill, “like we do on weekends in Spain”, says Oscar, are highlighted in options for casual sharing. It’s no surprise that the freshest fish of the day, baked on a salt crust, is served whole, respecting the nobility of the ingredient. Still has “Meat ” with grilled ancho steak with fried cassava and salsa à poivre vert (R$ 118).

To finish, “Sweet World ” with two options, the fun banana Mousse, dulce de leche and cocoa crumble (R$ 38) which arrives in the shape of a banana with a very thin white chocolate crust around it and the elegant Calma miga (R$ 38) with chamomile cream, ginger ice cream, elderflower gelatin, tangerine and orange and carrot zest, perfect to cleanse the palate and return home feeling light.

With an imposing basalt facade, the three-story house will gain its rooftop a unit of Nit Tapas Bar. This will have a kitchen and menu independent of Cala (it will probably be the same as the disputed Jardins unit). Furthermore, it will soon open, on the second floor, the “Room X” for small private events.

Cala del Tanit: R. Pais de Araújo, 147, Itaim Bibi, São Paulo – SP / Tel.: (11) 3167-7139 / Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday, from 12pm to 4pm and from 7pm to midnight, Friday and Saturday, from 12pm to 5pm and from 19:00 to 00:00, and Sunday, from 12:00 to 17:00.

Source: CNN Brasil