Call my agent: Eva Longoria will direct the Hispanic remake

Call my agent: Eva Longoria will direct the Hispanic remake

Call my agent (Dix pour cent) keep conquering the world. The French series created by Fanny Herrero is about to land on South American television, thanks to Eva Longoria. The American director, who grew up in a family of Mexican origins, will produce the remake Hispanic of the series and will direct the first two episodes. “Like so many people around the world, I’ve been a huge fan of the original series since its inception,” she said in a statement. variety. “I am thrilled to partner with Mediawan and Elefantec Global to bring to the Spanish-speaking US audience one of the greatest creations that takes a witty and satirical look behind the scenes of the entertainment industry.”

Eva Longoria has already directed more than 15 TV movie episodes and was recently awarded for her first feature film, Flamin’ Hot, premiered at the SXSW festival and rewarded by the audience, as he always reports variety. The director, also known for her role in Desperate Housewives, is co-producing the remake of Call my agent with UnbeliEVable Entertainment, his film, TV, podcast and documentary production company.

Remake to no end

The three groups intend to promote a “new approach capable of maintaining the humor and satirical spirit so appreciated by fans” of the original series. A far from simple task for Eva Longoria. With Call my agentwhich has not yet been adapted overseas, the actress addresses for the first time the US public. The series has already won the hearts and favors of Korean, Indonesian, British, Filipino, Malaysian, Italian, Polish, Indian, Canadian, Turkish… And more viewers. remake are in production.

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It remains to be seen who they will be guest stars of the series. In France, appearances by Isabelle Adjani, JoeyStarr, Beatrice Dalle and Julien Doré on the ASK agency captivated viewers. In Italy, among others, a Pierfrancesco Favino, Paula Cortellesi, Paolo Sorrentino, Conrad Guzzanti And Matilda DeAngelis.

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Source: Vanity Fair