Calzedonia and WWF Italy, together to clean up Italian beaches

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There is no more time to ignore it. Our planet is suffering, now suffocated by piles of plastic and waste nestled in our seas and on our beaches. His salvation is in our own hands, in our behavior, in our little big daily gestures.

A theme, that of respect for the environment, is increasingly urgent and dear to Calzedonia which, for years, has been embarking on a production path green, creating garments with a low environmental impact that use pre-consumer recycled raw materials, i.e. obtained from industrial waste, or post-consumer waste, such as recycled cotton and yarn obtained from the recycling of properly disposed PET plastic bottles.

But the brand wanted to go further and, in collaboration with WWF Italy, has decided to give life to an important project, aimed at cleaning up plastic and abandoned waste at least 1,500,000 square meters of Italian beaches. #MissionClean Beaches, this is the name of the initiative, it will last throughout 2021 and for each Calzedonia bikini, the brand will support WWF Italy to clean 1 square meter of beach during the Plastic Free Tour. The project will involve hundreds of WWF volunteers and Calzedonia employees, but not only. In fact, anyone can participate in the activities by selecting location and preferred date simply by accessing the Calzedonia and WWF Italia sites. All participants will be given a kit with a hat, T-shirt, backpack and branded gloves.

As evidence of its commitment planet friendly, the Veronese brand, for this season, has decided to introduce a new yarn, made from the recycling of PET plastic bottles. Some bikinis and one-piece swimsuits from the line Indonesia they are in fact created with a super soft and comfortable eco fabric, which dries quickly. The weight of the recycled yarn in the fabric needed for a bikini for example, it is equivalent to the weight of 5 half-liter plastic bottles, while for the whole 7 half-liter bottles.

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Collected and recycled plastic has never been so fashionable.

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