#Cambiagesto, to change the world

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It doesn’t take much to make a difference and protect the environment, that is, our home. For example, be careful not to throw cigarette butts on the floor, reduce shower time by avoiding wasting water, go shopping using a reusable bag, dispose of waste properly.

Small gestures, but which if multiplied by an entire community can really change the world. From these premises it was born #CAMBIAGESTO, an awareness campaign for environmental protection that invites responsible behavior to be implemented in one’s daily life. An invitation, in the form of a hashtag to make it even more viral, to take awareness of one’s actions, stimulating responsible behavior on an environmental, social and cultural level. The campaign, which since 2019 has made stops in over 40 Italian cities, thanks to the support of over 3000 volunteers and 700 tobacconists collected more than 160 kg of cigarette butts dispersed in the environment and distributed over 270,000 cigarette holders.

Important numbers, which testify to the urgency and need for a real work of raising awareness. To enhance the initiative, this year the «Good Habits Manual» was also drawn up, a collection of 21 good practices to advise, inform and support citizens towards more virtuous behavior towards the environment.


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