Cameron Diaz: “Since I left Hollywood I no longer care about my physical appearance”

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Cameron Diaz, 50 years old next August, she grew up in the spotlight. First model, then actress fully entered into Hollwyood’s Olympus, Drew Barrymore’s best friend has made an incredible career (as well as a lot of money). Until he met his great love, the musician Benji Maddenand has decided to pursue another type of career: that of a wife and mother.

In an interview with BBC Michelle Visage’s Rule Breakers podcast, Cameron Diaz talked about how she feels free now that she lives away from dressing rooms and cameras. And how since leaving Hollywood he no longer obsessively cares about his image in the mirror. Which was starting to make her feel sick and trapped.

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The former Charlie’s Angel explained: “I was absolutely a victim of the objectification of the female body to which so many women are subjected every day by society. It is difficult not to be trapped and it is even more complicated to look at you and not confront yourself with the beauty parameters that are imposed on us. but yet in the past eight years, I have truly liberated myself, like a wild animal, finally returned to the state of freedom. The truth is that I sit in front of the dressing room mirror for hours and hours every day as an actress it had become a toxic situation for me»Commented Diaz.

Today everything has changed, and definitely for the better. Cameron Diaz cares very little about the image of him: for her the priority is to stay strong and healthy for her family and for the little girl, Raddix, 2 years old. “The last thing I think about during the day is my physical appearance.”

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And if it is true that – by her own admission – Cameron Diaz owns a lot of cosmetics, «I admit I do little or nothing for the care of my face. Most of the time I forget to apply the products, it just passes my mind ». What to say? Cameron Diaz: You are all of us!

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