Camilla of Cornwall celebrates 74 years (50 lived loving Carlo)

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Who knows today he turns 74 years old Camilla Shand, Duchess of Cornwall, will rethink the first approach with Charles of England, the man who has always loved and that in the end she managed to have at her side how husband. It was 1971, the prince was all sweaty after a polo match played in Windsor park. And she, the impertinent face of a self-assured country girl, presented herself thus in the presence of his highness: “Do you know that my great-grandmother was the lover of her great-grandfather, Edward VII?».

There was already the fate of the couple in that sentence, pronounced by the then 24-year-old Camilla to attract the attention of the heir to the British throne. Because the two, as we all know, will be lovers, and adulterous lovers, for 32 years, until to wedding celebrated on April 9, 2005, who came full circle by demonstrating Camilla’s greatest quality: the resilience.

She who has been for many years the most detested by the British people because she was playing the role of the royal pooper. There rival of Lady Diana, more beautiful, graceful and empathetic than her. She who, when Lady D lost her life in the tragic accident in Paris, became true for many responsible (moral, of course) of that tragedy. “I couldn’t go out, I was a prisoner in my house. I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through even on my worst enemy»Camilla will say a few years later.

Yet Shand was able to deal with all that hatred, she waited for her moment and finally got the man she always wanted. But the path to get here was not at all easy. Two years after that first meeting with Carlo, when the passion between the two had already broken out, in 1973 she married her official boyfriend, lieutenant of the royal cavalry Andrew Parker-Bowles. On the other hand, as the chronicles report, the queen Elizabeth II he had broken off his son’s relationship with Camilla with a definitive judgment: “An infrequent girl”. Carlo, at least apparently, obeyed his mother. In 1981 he married Diana but – with rare hiatus periods – continued to associate with Camilla (also present in the church at the royal wedding).

To win the Prince of Wales were the fiery and cheerful temperament, as well as great listening skills of his second future wife. But there was also an incredible affinity of senses between them, the one that led the prince to say, in one of his famous 1989 (recorded) phone calls to his lover, “The only thing I want is to be with you, all around you, above and below inside and outside, especially inside and outside …”.

In the last few years Camilla worked a lot on her image, she tried in every way to appear reassuring, to be loved by the British people who for a long time considered her “the one who had made Princess Diana suffer”. But the efforts could not completely erase the past. According to a recent survey by the Daily Express, in fact, over sixty out of a hundred respondents stated that “Camilla doesn’t have to be queen».

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